When Chip and Joanna Gaines partnered with Target to come up with a new line, Hearth & Hand with Magnolia, Target shoppers and fans of Chip and Joanna's show, Fixer Upper, were riled and excited. The brand page launched on Target.com in Fall 2017 and did so well there were many items the quickly sold out.
Because of the hype around this partnership, working on the digital pages for this brand was exciting. Being able to work alongside the talented individuals involved in making this come to life was extremely rewarding. Though the initial launch has past, I've continued to produce refreshed pages for new seasonal looks.  
Read what Chip and Joanna have to say about Hearth and Hand.

Above are examples of how the brand page has continued to develop–becoming more & more refine with each seasonal refresh.

In addition to the brand page, the guest has also been able to get the scoop from Joanna's style tips page as well as shop Joanna's seasonal faves on Joanna's favorites. 
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