Beatrice and Francis felt good in their new clothes. They grabbed their shiny purses and went to the park to pose. The ground was covered in snow and the sky-polka dotage.
“I think he likes you,” Maryanne whispered in Maryjane’s ear. Maryjane felt hopeful. She hadn’t been liked in a long time. Maryanne had her eye on the man with the green suede shoes and the mustache. She had a thing for mustaches.

“What a delightful day at the beach,” Violet said to Jane. “Indeed,” was Jane’s reply. They buried themselves in sand.

Claudette and Jean were inseparable. They enjoyed long walks in the park and eating ice cream together. But most of all, they enjoyed each others sense of humor. Claudette loved Jean dead baby jokes and nothing made Jean’s sides ache more than Claudette’s political puns. No one else quite understood the pair. But that was the beauty of it.
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